Time Bound Goals the “T” in SMART Goal

Goals are the destination points which determine our journey’s pathway.

Going through life without a defined set of goals is like taking a road trip to nowhere. You may have a fun and productive journey, but you will never quite know where you are going to end up.

Setting goals and defining the end points to where we are going is one of the first steps to taking hold of your future.

Set Time Bound Goals
Your goals should be time bound. Setting a date for completion is what holds our feet to the fire. It also is what helps us figure out all the other components to our journey that are needed in order to fully accomplish the goal.

This step in goal setting is one of the crucial steps that many people fail to either cover, or muddle through. Not sure why this is, but my theory is that it could be tied to a fear of failure, possibly a lack of self determination, or just a lack of fully thinking through the process.

If we set a date that we are going to accomplish something then we are now accountable to that, which can be scary. What if we do not accomplish our goal by then? Or maybe if we set a date then it means we actually have to do something or risk being seen as a dreamer.

Below is the sample goal that I am using as an example of the type of goal formats you should be using.

Sample Goal

Become a recognized authority in internet marketing for small to mid-size companies
by May 2013, defined by my ability to generate at least $10k/month in receivables.


What are the components of this goal that are time bound?

  • May 2013

Once you have formed your goal and tied it to an end date, you are ready to start planning out the necessary steps that will lead to accomplishing the goal. This is also known as a project timeline, Gantt Chart, or milestones to name a few. These will be covered in another article.

Now that you have created your goal(s), and gone through each of the articles for the SMART goal formation process, you should be ready to embark on the next leg of the journey- accomplishing your goal. Through this process hopefully you have been revising your goal to better structure it based on what you have learned here.

You can change your goals daily. Granted it probably is not good to daily everyday because at some point you do need to settle on something. Life allows us to learn and discover new things. We may find passions we did not realize we had as we move through the journey of life. It is perfectly ok to augment or completely change your goals as you grow. The important thing is to keep adjusting your goals until you find the goal(s) that you can devote a lifetime of passion towards accomplishing.

Now go forth and set your goals high and far. Reach beyond what you think you can do. Form goals that force you to build relationships in order to achieve them.

© 2011 Rex Humphries

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