Missing a Personal Brand?

Actually, you have a brand, if not multiple brands. The question is are you proactively shaping what your brands are?

Many people are surprised to learn that they actually have personal brands. In today’s hyper-medium over marketed world, it’s easy to understand product and company branding. However, we tend to not focus on the fact that all of us carry multiple aspects of personal brands as well.

Is this something that everyone must think about? Yes. However, I am sure this is a question with multiple answers that depend upon the reference point of the individual or organization answering it. My personal and professional opinion is yes, everyone should think about his or her personal brands. More importantly everyone should proactively shape their own brands as best they can.


Importance of a Personal Brand

What will a personal brand do for you?

A personal brand is your message to your surrounding community, and the world-at-large, it’s the value proposition that you offer. What makes you stand out? Are you just another person breathing air, showing up at work, or seeking that new job?

Developing and shaping your personal brand(s) empowers you to proactively navigate life. Your brand will determine job opportunities, promotions, board member options, and even your social and public life.

It’s not enough to show up to work on time and stay past 5pm, or get a higher degree. You need to build demand for your talent, expertise, unique abilities, and even your relationship network.

A personal brand helps answer the “why you?” question we are constantly facing- even when we do not realize it. It’s not good enough to say you are efficient, a team player, or that you get things done. All of these descriptions people use to describe themselves are meaningless. Anyone can say they are efficient, or a great leader.

Your personal brand(s) are based on actions and results from those actions. If you are efficient, then where did you use that efficiency to make a noticeable difference? Are you a leader? Where did your leadership skills actually make a difference?

If you have not already begun, start to actively manage what your personal brands are today.

Good luck!


© 2012 Rex Humphries



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