Introduction to Social Networking Café

Welcome to Social Networking Café. Through this blog I will strive to break down the misconceptions of what networking is or should be. I approach this as a lifestyle, one which you can too. In order to think of this truly as a lifestyle, instead of calling it networking, think of it as building authentic intentional relationships.

Hopefully, you will choose to chime in about your own experiences as you read posts. Think of this blog as an open engagement of conversation and learning. Even beyond sharing experiences, feel free to engage around ideas and thoughts I write about. Or go further and join in discussions based on what someone else might submit.

Some of what I will cover is based on what I have learned from others, but the rest will be my approach to the concept of networking.

The word networking really bugs me. Does it bug you too? This is mainly due to the gut reaction people express everytime that word is used. Along the way I plan on coming up with a unique way to address this topic by expressing it in a way that brings new energy to interacting with others. Since about March 2008 I have been using various forms of Relationship Development and Engagement as a sobriquet for networking, but recently I have moved to authentic intentional relationships.

A few thought leaders have written about and spoken on alternative ways to approach the art of networking. I will acknowledge many of them along the way. Some of my influences are Tim Sanders, Keith Farrazzi, as well as Marshall Howard. Each shape the concept of networking around basic ideas of interacting in relationships, developing bonds of substance, and engaging in meaningful ways.

I have absolutely no training in the art form of writing, so over time I will probably revisit various posts to rephrase sections, make corrections, and in some cases totally edit the posts into something completely new.

Until our paths cross again,


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